Scan, pay, go –
Your customers will become self-sustaining

Consistent integration makes a good idea an even better one: Already established in the retail sector, the self-service checkout is handed directly to the consumer. Throughout the sales floor, products can already be scanned and placed in the shopping cart when selected, using an app on customer smartphones. To conclude the sale, all the user needs to do is select a payment method – of course also via a personalised app. Once the preferred payment method has been selected, customers can leave the market without waiting.

Mobile Self-Checkout Systems by GEBIT fully map the necessary functionalities and integrate all of the product data and options of classic checkout systems along with the respective customer accounts. Above and beyond pure processing, this creates valuable information about the sale of individual products or product groups, for optimum merchandise planning.

Of course systems such as these can also yield further potential savings in the expenses of operating retail stores – whether through greater flexibility in personnel planning or extended opening hours at reduced costs.

  • Contactless shopping
  • No queues
  • Scan and pay (customer or retailer device)
  • Individual solutions available
  • High customer acceptance
  • Easy to use
  • Highly scalable
  • Connection to nearly all systems
  • Low integration effort
  • For iOS and Android smartphones



No queues

due to overcrowded checkouts


High level of acceptance

thanks to benefits for the customer


Good linkage

to all existing systems






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