All systems and applications in all locations –
centrally managed and monitored

Trust is good, control is better – this should apply, above all, to the constantly growing diversity and number of systems in use in your stores. Checkout systems, scanners, printers, self-checkouts and many other applications are an indispensable part of smooth sales operations.

GEBIT’s Operations Suite is the perfect key to a reliably monitored and controlled system environment. Cloud-enabled, centrally managed and effective, all the way to every single application in every store. The suite, precisely compiled from the COMPAS and POSlive GEBIT Applications to suit your needs, permits manufacturer-independent access to nearly any hardware and software in the retail sector.

Routing, clustering, the definition of groups and responsibilities can be configured Threshold values and warnings can be freely defined, with location-independent monitoring thanks to a user-friendly interface via tablets. This ensures that all feedback from the various systems and applications arrives quickly and, above all, in the right place.

  • Monitoring of all system states
  • Detection of risk scenarios
  • Real-time reporting
  • Alarm system
  • Internationally scalable
  • Easy to integrate
  • Less service effort
  • Lower operational risk



monitoring of all systems



thanks to real-time reporting


Risk minimisation

thanks to an alarm system



thanks to web GUI



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