Digital receipts sent to the smartphone in real time –
efficient, reliable and paperless

In today’s business world, sustainability and digitalisation are two key pillars driving the transition to digital solutions. The introduction of environmentally friendly solutions for the issuance of digital receipts renders traditional paper receipts superfluous. This transition to digital receipts not only provides fast, secure and convenient access to sales receipts, but also symbolises a new era of environment-conscious and efficient customer service. When they use digital receipts, businesses become part of a greener future while offering their customers a more convenient shopping experience.

GEBIT’s Digital Receipt Service offers an advanced solution for the issuance of digital receipts by supporting a unified interface for holistic integration of all required systems. This permits immediate generation and provision of digital receipts, simplifying the process for companies and customers alike. It is only thanks to this technology that the use of receipt-based added value becomes meaningfully possible. Integration as a central Retail Platform Service reduces project risks during the roll-out of new POS systems and future checkout scenarios.

Our solution is fully integrated into the most widely used environments and offers the following capabilities:

  • PDF storage: A solution integrated into the GEBIT Retail Platform for use in storing and issuing receipt data in PDF format
  • Receipt hosting in the cloud and/or Edge



Integration of various systems thanks to the uniform interface


environmentally-friendly alternative to the traditional paper receipt


convenient storage and management of digital receipts

Compliant with laws and standards

Fulfils the obligation to issue receipts, supports the Electronic Receipt Standard (EKaBS), permits further processing of digital receipts


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