Every project is different – fortunately! Delivering the highest quality, in the agreed time and cost frame, with satisfied customers in the long term – our objective is no less than this. This is why each project calls for a different set of skills and roles. Flexible response to changes and requirements in the sense of agile working methods is mandatory.

We consciously refrain from a strict separation among areas of responsibility and permanent, fixed assignment of roles to individuals. This also brings variety to our daily work and permits each employee to gain deep insights into very different tasks.

All participants can contribute optimally based on their abilities, but they can also try out new roles and grow – and even make a conscious return to their roots. One thing is important to us: At GEBIT, passionate developers can continue to pursue their passion even after many years and do not necessarily have to follow a ‘career path’ that leads to team or project management.


  • Business analysis (Business-process analysis, Technical conceptual design)
  • Requirements engineering (Requirements audit)
  • Analysis (OO modelling)
  • Design (Technical and UI design)
  • Architecture
  • Implementation (technical implementation)
  • Test/quality management (automated technical tests)
  • Coach (trainer for customers and colleagues)
  • Team/project management
  • Build and release management
  • Agile coach

Career levels at GEBIT, explained based on the example of Software Engineers

Junior Software Engineers

Work right from the start in innovative IT projects, particularly taking on tasks related to implementation. Our young talents also have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with current technologies, deepen their knowledge and gain lots of experience.

Professional Software Engineers/Consultants

The work focusses on customer consulting, analysis and design as well as application-related architectures. Initial project management and customer and employee coaching round off the tasks.

Senior Software Engineers/Consultants

From customer presentations to heading up teams and projects: Seniors not only contribute extensive expertise; they also receive team and project responsibility.

Professional Software Engineers/Consultants

Are mentors and trainers, drawing up offers and realising projects. They assume responsibility not only for the customers but also for the corresponding teams and are involved in the company’s strategic development.

Specialisation at GEBIT

Are you more versatile or specialised? At GEBIT, we need both. That is why each of the career levels – from junior to principal – can be found within the various specialisations.

But what is it made of?

Software Engineering

Modelling, Development, Operation


Conceptual design, Advising, Project support

Business Analysis

Data analysis, Strategy consulting, Process optimisation

Project Management

Organisation, Project oversight, Project management ...

DevOps Engineering

Software development, Roll-out, Quality assurance

UI Professional

Front-end development, Design, User-experience optimisation

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