In addition to professional skills, what matters most to us is the human factor. That is why we attach greater importance to face-to-face interviews with you than to extensive tests in nerve-racking assessment centres.

In five easy steps

  1. Application receipt
    Thank you very much for your interest and your time!
    We will coordinate internally as quickly as we can and will contact you.
  2. Telephone interview
    This is followed by an initial telephone interview with our recruiting team.
    You will then receive prompt feedback. 
  3. Technical interview
    The interview with your potential superiors takes place in person on-location or online, in an authentic and professional setting.
    In the case of an on-location appointment, you can also familiarise yourself with our premises and your potential new colleagues.
  4. Recruitment interview
    This interview is about when and how you will join our team.
    You’re nearly there!
  5. Start
    And off you go, with nice colleagues who will be glad to assist you (we all call one another by our first names), along with a structured orientation phase.

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