Flexible customer-loyalty programmes for modern retail

The GEBIT Loyalty Management Service (LMS) revolutionises the way retailers design and implement their customer-loyalty programmes. With a large number of flexible and customised options to choose from, our LMS enables the definition and execution of customer programmes tailored to the specific needs of your business and your customers.

Our LMS offers a broad array of functions retailers can use to manage multiple loyalty programmes in parallel for different countries and/or corporate brands. The main features of our service include:

  • Flexible customer programmes: The service supports the definition of customer programmes with variable benefit levels, accounts, and different reward types, including vouchers and other incentives. This enables individual design of customer loyalty.
  • Customisable tier levels: Multiple tier schemes with different levels can be implemented within each programme. These schemes are designed to reward customers based on their interaction and loyalty, with higher tiers associated with more attractive benefits.
  • Various account types: The service supports the creation of member accounts that can register values such as points or monetary amounts. In addition to the basic accounts, sales- and discount-accumulation accounts can be created, allowing detailed tracking and rewarding of customer behaviour.
  • Extensive benefits: The Loyalty Management Service uses a generalised approach to managing different types of benefits. This extends to coupons, privileges, gifts, surprises, invitations, and more. These benefits can be activated, redeemed, and automatically issued or removed – based on pre-defined rules.

Flexibility, internationality and integration of external loyalty programmes

The GEBIT LMS permits parallel management of multiple loyalty programmes and adapts flexibly to the global orientation of your company. Whether you want to make your loyalty programmes country- or brand-specific or cross-border, our service offers the flexibility and scalability you need.

Our service can also serve as a façade for external loyalty programmes such as Payback or Deutschland Card, so you can set up and diversify an even broader customer-loyalty strategy.

The services of the LMS

Admin services in the GEBIT Loyalty Management Service permit the basic set-up and management of customer loyalty programmes, including the definition of corporate structures and programme schemes. Member services, on the other hand, offer an interface for effective management and provision of memberships, transactions and the use of programme benefits.

Through integration into GEBIT Campaign Management, customer-loyalty programmes and campaign management can be linked together and managed uniformly.



Regardless of the loyalty programme in use



Brand-independent and worldwide scaling



Can be tailored to individual tier systems



Adaptable for a wide variety of customer programmes



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