Smart customer loyalty across all channels –
ready for your customers at all times and everywhere

The most important branch store is the one where consumers actually shop – and this is something that should be possible from home, too – in spite of a high store density. The magic word is ‘Omni Channel Retail’. Especially where intelligent interaction between stationary and web-based retail is concerned, there is great potential for customer service and satisfaction.

This refers not just to alternative shopping in the web shop but also to any combinations, such as ordering online for in-store pick-up, reserving products or ordering complex precision work or customising. This gives consumers the choice of processing their purchases individually – with transparent prices and easy-to-use, thanks to a customer app that even including convenient returns management.

This fosters satisfaction and loyalty, and precisely this is the highest aim of the GEBIT Retail Platform: The perfect execution and integration of customised functionalities for your retail business, tailored to infrastructures already in place.

  • Omni-channel retail
  • Customer app
  • Applications
  • Central customer account
  • Cross-system communication
  • Integration of all systems
  • Click & Collect
  • Click & Reserve
  • Click & Tailor (customising, precision work …)


Optimum interactions

among all existing systems


thanks to individual adjustments


minimal, thanks to components and modules


thanks to constant evolution


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