The right price, everywhere and all the time –
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Often, it is not easy to find the right selling price. Prompt communication to all relevant points of sale can be even more difficult . This is a decisive factor for success in retail, to be able to gain quick and reliable control over the latest prices or limited -time campaigns.

With GEBIT Pricing, price calculation for all products and sales channels is centralised and automated throughout the system; if desired, this can also be adapted to the different requirements of stationary or online retail, individual stores or additional services. This way, there is always clarity about the current sales price – both in-house and among consumers.

And that’s not all: All of the downstream processes – such as invoicing, additional services, accounting, franchising or other fees and billing – can be integrated automatically.

This way, all aspects of pricing at internationally operating retailers can factored in and automated.

  • Central and regional pricing
  • Quick calculation of each shopping cart including promotions
  • Consistent prices for all sales channels
  • Consideration of contexts (customers, locations, campaigns)
  • Internationally scalable
  • Franchise-capable
  • Uniform service for all existing systems
  • International tax calculation
  • Centrally usable, in the cloud and locally as well



Transparent calculation


Quick time-to-market



Standard API

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