A well-known classic –
redesigned for maximum efficiency!

The classic, stationary checkout remains one of the leading points of contact with customers in retail – because of this, the shopping experience must be brought to a smooth and positive conclusion, here in particular.

Using our software solutions, a modern POS system can map everything that the omnichannel approach to retail requires. From the integration of input devices such as scales for weighing merchandise to the consideration of promotions and vouchers, to interaction with consumers’ customer accounts, all of these interfaces can be implemented using our system- and platform-independent technology.

  • Smart stationary checkout
  • Free choice of hardware
  • Omnichannel-capable
  • Customized UI
  • Low training effort
  • Maximum scalability
  • Multi-language
  • Used internationally


Quick response

when implementing marketing campaigns


is individual and complete


thanks to the flexible GEBIT Retail Platform

Operationally safe

thanks to proven components


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