GEBIT Retail Platform – The perfect basis for successful omnichannel retailing

The GEBIT Retail Platform is, technically speaking, a reactive, event-based microservice architecture for distributed and ‘realtime-capable’ omnichannel retail.

At the user’s option, the components can be used individually, as a complex system or in combination with structures already in place.

Simple microservices, or, generally speaking, services that themselves are not reactively structured, can also be linked to existing products and services of the GEBIT Retail Platform.

Video: Introducing the GEBIT Retail Platform

The products and services of the GEBIT Retail Platform are divided into three areas that can be combined and individually supplemented for the respective customer-specific solution. The result is a high-efficiency blend of cost-effective and customised components – the best of the two classic approaches of standard software and individual software. These three areas are GEBIT Applications, GEBIT Customized Solutionsand GEBIT Components & Adapters.

GEBIT Standividual Solutions

This service and product area is at the heart of the GEBIT philosophy: To offer the ideal combination of customisable function modules and individually tailored software development for quick, efficient and, above all, investment-friendly solutions. With customer and employee apps, integrated solutions for internal functionalities and workflows and much more – thanks to high integrability and scalability, the possibilities are nearly limitless.

GEBIT Applications & Modules

In this area, we offer standardised software solutions for use in providing functionalities. In the context of the GEBIT Retail Platform, these can be used in conjunction with other components and any other systems. Particularly noteworthy are COMPAS and POSlive – our solutions for use in configuring and monitoring complex infrastructures and distributed systems.

GEBIT Components & Adapters

This vast library of technical components – such as device drivers, interfaces, adapters and much more – is the key to a wide range of device and system connections. It enables integration of the GEBIT Retail Platform with third-party systems, any hardware and services – e.g. with POS systems, scanners, store servers, back-office applications, central merchandise management or external providers.

Event Bus

The backbone of the GEBIT Retail Platform is what is referred to as the Event Bus – interchangeable and feasible thanks to many open-source products (including Apache Kafka, Eclipse Vert.x and common ESB products by a variety of manufacturers). The Event Bus not only intelligently connects all of the components of the GEBIT Retail Platform with one another on the customer side, but it can also integrate all of the existing systems on the retailer side as well as external providers’ systems. Infrastructures that are already in place can also be used as an Event Bus.

Benefits of the GEBIT Retail Platform


Runs on nearly any hardware and in any environment


Integrates into the existing infrastructure


Customisable with a good cost-benefit ratio


Expandable – for future-proof performance and security of investment

Information for all customers of the GEBIT POS Platform:

The POS Platform becomes a part of the
GEBIT Retail Platform

To date, three products – COMPAS, POSlive and POScore – have been combined under the ‘POS Platform’ name. With the new sorting and nomenclature for GEBIT products and solutions, in future this label will be obsolete. All individual products will be further developed and maintained in the long term, but they will be sorted into the different areas of the GEBIT Retail Platform.

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