Information for all customers of the GEBIT POS Platform:

The POS Platform is part of the GEBIT Retail Platform

To date, three products – COMPAS, POSlive and POScore – have been combined under the ‘POS Platform’ name. With the new positioning and developments among the GEBIT products and solutions, in future this label will be obsolete. All of the individual products will be maintained in the long term (Long Time Service) and will become part of the GEBIT Retail Platform.

COMPAS and POSlive are stand-alone products in the GEBIT Applications area. The basic modules of POScore are integrated among the products in GEBIT Components and Adapters. All customer-specific software developments and adaptations are developed further and maintained, of course, and form part of the GEBIT Customized Solutions area within the GEBIT Retail Platform framework.

More than a name change, this is a step that opens up new perspectives. All of the additional opportunities available under the GEBIT Retail Platform are potentially available to our POS Platform customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions you may have in this regard.

Benefits of the GEBIT Retail Platform


Runs on nearly any hardware and in any environment


Integrates into the existing infrastructure


Customisable with a good cost-benefit ratio


Expandable – for future-proof performance and security of investment