Reasons to work at GEBIT

If you love varied and exciting challenges and appreciate the ‘spirit of togetherness’, here are 4 compelling reasons for you to work at GEBIT.

Tasks and roles: We do not work by the book

To us, it’s important for all employees to be able to contribute their strengths to the respective projects, and to our numerous departments as well. This way, we can grow and learn from and with one another, with a range of tasks that remains varied.

You will typically be assigned to a core project or team in which you can perform a variety of tasks and roles – depending on the size of the team and your professional experience and skills. With your particular skills or interests, you will become a valued team  member right from the outset, with expertise that can also make important contributions to and offer practical support for other projects and teams.

Salary: Those who do more should also earn more

Your professional experience and expertise play a key role in shaping your salary. Decisive in this regard are the roles and tasks that you can take on personally or jointly in the team – e.g. in development, consulting, architecture or project management. We also offer an attractive and performance-based bonus system.

In addition to your salary, we offer you other benefits such as  fruit and drinks free of charge, dogs welcome (in consultation with colleagues), flexible working hours and individual work-from-home arrangements, full coverage of costs at our summer/winter events  (incl. partner) as well as an uncomplicated external advisory service for family challenges.

Continuing education

Our goal is to always be state-of-the-art with our expertise. This makes consistent further training and development a matter of great importance at GEBIT. In addition to traditional courses of training, we regularly hold in-house lectures and individual support measures.

At GEBIT we generally see to it that you always have enough freedom to learn about the latest developments and technologies.

Incidentally: Twice a month, you can enjoy this latitude for an entire day – At ‘GEBIT Friday’.


Working at GEBIT Solutions includes the fun in particular, and with us, that is never in too short supply.

Whether rounds of table football, team events, location-specific activities or our company-wide conferences in which you can participate – there are always occasions for shared activities, and these also have welcome participants.

Even in the coronavirus crisis, we  are not letting the fun get away from us – even if it is just ‘socially distanced’.

You will find the things that make GEBIT special and explain why, at GEBIT, you have come to exactly the right place.

Roles and tasks

The same role in each project?
With us, definitely not.

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Young Talents

Would you like to enter the world of IT? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Interested in challenging projects in the retail sector? Come to GEBIT

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